Friday, April 6, 2012

The exchange.


I said that I add some photos, well I think this one is the best. I miss you guys!
What can I say? We spent together every single day. It looked like 'breakfast -> meeting with teachers -> Italians trip (only Italians, Polish people had to go to school for some hours. But who went for whole school day? I was just on 1-2 lessons for a day) -> taking Italians home and dinner -> meeting on the Main Square -> hanging out, parting (almost) all together'. Before the exchange I've been worried about my english, but unnecessarily. I could talk, and talk, and talk. Actually, after few days talking only in english I was also thinking in english. It was wierd I can't deny.
Anyway, I met wonderful people, I had an amazing time. Of course the exchange can improve your language, but I think the most important thing is meeting and integration with people from the other culture. 

See you in September, Italians! 
Arrivederci <3

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